The Best Daily Fantasy Sports Apps for the English Premier League

11:33am Jul 7 2021

It is one of the most popular sporting competitions in the world, with good old Wikipedia claiming that 4.7 billion people regularly tune in to the English Premier League.

It’s no big surprise then that there’s such a huge demand for fantasy games built around the British top-flight, and no shortage of operators offering weekly Premier League daily fantasy contests either.

Of course, not all are created equal, and, in this article, we wanted to take a look at the two best options for playing Premier League fantasy football ahead of the new season.

So here are two apps that you should consider downloading today.


One of the oldest daily fantasy providers around, DraftKings is also considered one of the finest as far as ‘soccer’ contests are concerned.

Because they have the largest community of players, DraftKings naturally also has the most liquidity flowing through their site each gameweek – therefore bigger cash prizes are available, and in greater supply, for the EPL, Champions League and other competitions.

You can enjoy traditional tournament play, where you will earn a payout based on your finishing position, or smaller cash games like head-to-head and triple up, which are a useful way of building your bankroll with less risk.

There’s also DK’s unique Tiers contests too. Here, the available Premier League players are grouped into price-based categories, and you are only allowed to pick a specific number of players from each tier in your draft – this is an excellent way of showing off your ability to find lower-priced and undervalued stars.

As ever, your players earn points through their on-field performances – goals, assists, clean sheets, and so on. But DraftKings’ contests also introduce some other fun metrics into the mix too, including shots on goal, crosses, fouls drawn, interceptions, and much more. This really does add a new element of strategy and interest when drafting a line-up.

Another USP of DraftKings is that, in some jurisdictions around the world, their customers can also access a sportsbook platform – placing their Premier League bets and playing daily fantasy from one single website/app.

The reviews of the DraftKings sportsbook betting app are typically very strong too, so, if you are looking for a hybrid platform to enjoy then DK might just be the option for you.

Monkey Knife Fight

While recognised as the third-largest daily fantasy operator, Monkey Knife Fight was acquired by Bally’s earlier this year, and so they are expected to kick on and try to compete with the big names in 2021.

At the moment, they have a slightly smaller slate of Premier League contests than DraftKings each week, and their prize pools tend to be on the smaller side too.

There are three scoreable statistics in Monkey Knife Fight’s Premier League contests – goals, assists, and shots on goal. So, clearly, the emphasis is on drafting attacking players in your line-ups.

But one of the reasons the site is loved by its players is for its unique contest styles – Stat Shootout, Rapid Fire, and More/Less. The idea is to predict how many of a certain stat, i.e. goals, that your team will score, and in Rapid Fire contests you are trying to forecast which players in head-to-head pairs will outperform the other.

It’s a unique take on daily fantasy, and while not on a par with DraftKings – the finest daily fantasy site for the Premier League – Monkey Knife Fight is still a handy option from the substitute’s bench.