The Best Games for Boxing Lovers

7:12pm Mar 19 2020

Boxing is a thrilling sport, and whether you love to box, or just enjoy attending matches, there are many games that are suitable for boxing lovers that can allow you to enjoy the excitement of boxing from the comfort of your own home.

In this guide, it compiles some of the best types of games that boxing lovers will want to play over and over again.

Casino Games

Casino games may not be boxing, or even sportfocused, but they allow you to enjoy a similar buzz than you would get from attending a boxing match.

Casino games, such as Unibet slotsare great for boxing lovers as they combine the high stakes and anticipation of boxing with simple and engaging gameplay.

Not only this, but casino games are perfect to take along to matches and sporting events where there are numerous pauses in the action, allowing you to wait for the next big win while keeping entertained.

Arcade Boxing

The most traditional of the types of games on this list, however, is arcade boxing games, which first began to gain popularity in the 1980s with games, such as Best Bout Boxingand Punch Out!

Although there are many more modern alternatives now, if you want to go back to the roots of the boxing genre and immerse yourself within a retro-style game, these arcade games are still easy to access today.

To do so, websites such as The Internet Archive give you the ability to download and connect with hundreds of arcade games, including the most popular sporting games of the era.

Video Games

However, home consoles are the true masters of boxing games, with titles such as UFC for Playstation and Xbox reigning over the other games available on mobile phones or PCs.

These video games allow you to rise to the top of the league tables, or play online with others around the world to test your boxing skills in a realistic and challenging gaming environment.

These give you the opportunity to play as your favorite boxers and for your favorite teams and experience what it is really like to be a boxing champion.

Android Games

Mobile games are known for being addictive due to their simple and easily transportable nature, and in 2019, there are many sports-related and fighting games to keep you entertained on your mobile phone.

Boxing games for Android include Boxmeister and Real Boxing 1 and 2, which each gives you a surprisingly realistic and gripping way to experience boxing on the go and from any location.

Boxing and Fitness Simulators

However, if you want to play boxing as a sport without ever having to leave your home, you should consider investing in games such as Wii Sports and Fitness Boxing for the Nintendo Switch.

These each allow you to get up onto your feet and simulate a boxing experience through the screen.

These offerings also keep you fit and able to exercise, as well as honing your virtual boxing expertise.