The Pundits’ FPL Team: Gameweek 30 FPL Tips – Fantasy Premier League Tips

11:40am Mar 11 2016


With only 5 miserable fixtures to feature this weekend, here’s how our Pundits’ FPL fantasy football team lines up for Gameweek 30

Good day to all Fantasy Premier League managers and welcome back to another edition of our Pundits Team series, in which we aim to show you the thoughts, arguments and decision-making that goes in to running an FPL team with more than one person calling the shots.

Unfortunately, Andy and I spent only 3 minutes and 11 seconds discussing our team on Thursday night, as we mutually decided that we didn’t need to make any transfers, meaning no points-hit, whilst still being able to field a strong XI with players available on the bench too.

Sound similar? Well, if it does then we take our hats off to you.

Sound the opposite of your current team status right now? Well, be sure to send us your questions and concerns via our Twitter page and we’ll look to assist you in whichever way we can.

Our current rank has now risen to 46,010 overall with a points total of 1612, after scoring a steady 81 points in Gameweek 29 without any transfer hit deductions.

Here’s how we lined up for Gameweek 29


The only transfer we made ahead of Gameweek 29 was Sanchez OUT and Sigurdsson IN – Of course, we all know what happens when you lose your patience with a premium player and then take them out of your team… That’s right, they score and ruin your weekend! Thankfully, Siggy picked up a goal and two bonus points which softened the blow.

Aguero captain seemed to be the ‘safe’ and obvious pick, but, we did discuss the option of captaining Harry Kane which, looking back now, was a great call pre-match but, we’re glad we went with the masses and picked up 22pts from Aguero’s captaincy. Had he not missed that damn penalty…. Never mind, moving on.

This week, we make zero changes to our team but have had to shuffle around a few players to optimise what we think is our best available XI.

The FFPundits Gameweek 30 team


I would like to think that our best XI has picked itself this week. The ever-reliable van Dijk unfortunately drops to the bench due to a conflict of interest by having Arnautovic in our team. Had Southampon being playing at home then we may have reconsidered this decision but, Arnautovic is on penalties so, the odds are slightly in his favour.

Andy and I spent most of our 3 minute call discussing the toss-up between captaining Aguero, Vardy or Kane – and if we’re being honest, we continued to go ’round in circles, finding plausible stats and opinion on giving either of the three the armband.

In the end, it came down to a bit of loyalty, love and trust, so, our darling Sergio gets the armband this week and we hope he repays our faith with a brace, (don’t want to be too greedy) and 3 juicy bonus points throw in for good measure.

So, that’s about it – Our team is now locked in, barring any last minute press conference updates regarding injuries or broken finger nails, of course.

As mentioned above, if you would like to have a rant, vent your concerns or show off your team to us then be sure to follow us on twitter via the button below and we look forward to hearing from you.

The very best of luck to all Fantasy Premier League managers of Gameweek 30 and from me and Andy, may your arrows be green (but not as green as ours, you rascals…)

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