The Pundits' Team - FPL Gameweek 3

9:47pm Aug 26 2016

After a disappointing start to the Fantasy Premier League season, we’ve used both free transfers ahead of Gameweek 3 so here’s how our team lines up.

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We could just leave this article with the above word on offer to describe our thoughts on our Gameweek 1 and 2 performance. However, we’ve since dusted ourselves off, wiped away the tears, fixed the hole in the door which miraculously appeared after Zlatan scored his second vs. Southampton and apologised to our wives and begged for forgiveness. It’s a long story…

With a Gameweek 2 score of just 51 points, it was clear to see what had gone wrong. Having originally planned to go with Aguero, Gray and Zlatan as our front 3, we decided to downgrade Zlatan (silly, we know) to accommodate the likes of Mahrez and Vardy.

Sure, hindsight is a bitch and it could have gone either way, but, it happened – it burnt us and we’ve now reacted by using both of our free transfers for Gameweek 3. Before we show you which transfers we’ve made and how our FPL team lines up this week, here’s a quick recap of how we scored our dreadful score last weekend.

Pundits Team - FPL Gameweek 2

Moving on… There’s nothing to see here people.

Our Gameweek 3 Transfers


As you can see from the above transfer logs, we made two changes in the early hours of Sunday morning to avoid the price drop of Vardy and the inevitable price rise of Sir Ibrahimovic. We don’t usually advise or encourage early transfers in the week due to injuries and whatnot, however, we felt this was a now-or-never move which had to be made.

So, out go the Leicester City due ahead of their home game against Swansea City. Luckily, we left some Pringles and warm Fosters behind the sofa from last weeks Manchester United vs. Southampton game so, between 3 and 5pm on Saturday, you know where to find us.

In come Zlatan Ibrahimovic (better late than never) and Middlesbrough’s Gaston Ramirez. At only £5.5m and a TSB of just 2%, we felt that Boro’s fixtures (West Brom away – Crystal Palace home) warranted a slight gamble.

We wanted to remove Deulofeu for Barkley, but were not willing to take a -4 hit, as we look to make up ground ahead of the international break.

The Pundits’ Gameweek 3 Team

Pundits team for Gameweek 3

Courtois, Valencia, Stones and Baines hold their starting XI places in our team for Gameweek 3. With 3 out of those 4 players playing at home and with fairly decent fixtures on paper, we’re confident of a clean sheet or two this week so decided to keep things as they are.

Hazard, Redmond, Deulofeu and Townsend will also keep their place in our starting XI with new addition Ramirez as our fifth midfielder. Big things are expected of Andros Townsend now that Christian Benteke has signed from Liverpool and Palace’s fixtures look very attractive for the next few weeks.

Up front, now that we’ve shown Vardy the door, it’s the two FPL power-houses, Sergio Aguero and Zlatan Ibrahimovic leading the line, but deciding on which to captain was a bit of a stinker!

The Captain

With only two weeks worth of stats to work with, we decided to keep things simple and go with the team which we think will create the most chances created and attempts on goal.

Manchester City have created more chances than United this season and Aguero has had twice as many shots on target. With a home fixture against a deflated and bruised West Ham team who failed to qualify for the Europa League this week, the gut-feeling says to go with Aguero. #AlwaysCaptainKun

No doubt, Zlatan will have the time of his life vs. Hull City at the KCOM Stadium on Saturday evening and we wish all who captain Zlatan over Aguero the very best of luck (said with gritted teeth)

Thank you for taking the time to read our Pundits Team preview for Gameweek 3. Whilst it’s slightly embarrassing having to publicly dissect our team in front of tens of thousands of readers this week, especially after such a bad start, we will always maintain full transparency with our audience and share our insight, progress and results each and every week, regardless of how well we did.

From all of us here at Fantasy Football Pundits, we wish those of you in the UK a very happy Bank Holiday weekend and as always, may your arrows be green.

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