The Pundits' Team Review - Gameweek 1

11:36am Aug 16 2016

We look back at how our Fantasy Premier League team performed for the opening Gameweek 1 fixtures

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With a Gameweek 1 average score of just 44 points, we cannot and will not grumble at a respectable score of 60 points – however, we were left kicking ourselves at some pre-season decisions we made, but, refuse to react impulsively and impatiently (damn you Zlatan!)

  • 60pts
  • £100.00m
  • 259,290
  • Aguero – 18pts

Overall, we’re very happy with the way our Gameweek 1 team performed, however, we did expect a clean-sheet from somewhere, but, the only one we had was sat laughing at us from our bench. With only West Brom and Swansea impressively picking up clean sheets, it was a big hit for the majority of managers around the World but, no drastic changes need to be made to our defence or goalkeeper selections so far.

Sergio Aguero, as expected, was a safe yet predictable captain pick for Gameweek 1, grabbing 1 goal and 3 bonus points to return around 40% of all FPL managers with a healthy return of 18 points. Aguero is likely to be our Gameweek 2 captain vs Stoke, but, Jamie Vardy is also on our radar as Arsenal’s defence looked dreadful vs. Liverpool at the weekend.

In midfield, we’re extremely happy to see that Riyad Mahrez is on penalties for Leicester City – we expected it to be either him or Vardy, so, he’ll certainly be retaining his place in our starting XI for the foreseeable future.

Everton’s Gerard Deulofeu was a bit of a let down for us in all fairness, especially when we did have strong and realistic hopes for him in this fixture, based on his pre-season form. Sadly, he blanked and scored the dreaded 2-points and was also subbed off before the 70th minute. Whilst he was playing up front in Lukaku’s absence, I can see him being rotated heavily upon Lukaku’s return (if he doesn’t go to Chelsea) and is probably the one and only player we’re considering to remove from our squad for Gameweek 2.

Nathan Redmond, playing as a striker for Southampton at £6.0m was always going to be an absolute bargain and I’m surprised that more FPL managers didn’t take the plunge on him pre-season. He’s now the 4th most transferred in midfielder ahead of Gameweek 2 (30,000+ transfers in) and is a massive bank-balance saver for those managers who want/need the funds to afford Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Andros Townsend was fairly quiet according to media outlets and stats providers, however, he did have 6 shots on goal in total with only 2 on target so, I think we’ll keep a hold of him for one or two more Gameweek’s and see how he performs against Bournemouth and Middlesbrough.

Eden Hazard is just a beautiful, beautiful man who doesn’t need a full paragraph of words to describe why we own him or what we plan on doing with him going forward. Simply put, he’s a keeper!

As you can see from our bench, we decided to load it up with cheap, 90-minute players who are there to act as a safety net, should an unforeseeable circumstance arise. However, with 1 goal and 1 clean sheet sat laughing at us, it is slightly frustrating, but, we never had any intention on playing any of those bench players for Gameweek 1 or 2 anyway so, like most of you, we accept it and move on with a slightly chipped tooth.

I hope that our transparency offers you some useful and valuable insight as to what we do each week when it comes to picking our teams and deciding on who to transfer in, or out.

Sure, we use a lot of stats from and each week to look at the algorithm predictions and numbers from previous fixtures, but, as a team, we also have to compromise on decisions and that’s how we do our research – by discussion, sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Be sure to post a screenshot of your team to our Gameweek 2 Rate My Team thread and have us and other Fantasy Premier League managers share their thoughts on your squad.

Fantasy Premier League Price Changes by Fantasy Football Fix

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    1. Hey Nik. We haven’t made a decision yet but I agree with you. I think we will keep him for one more week to see what happens when/if Lukaku returns. I fear Everton rotation and early substitutions that’s all, so, if it happens again, we’ll probably swap him for a 90-minute man. Early days yet.

  1. I hope you will fill us in on whoever you transfer in? Some of us rely on your previews/reviews and advice to win our mini leagues.

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