The steps needed to create a UK online bookmaker

10:21pm Oct 4 2022

There are more betting sites than ever in the UK today, but that shouldn’t encourage new enterprising individuals from introducing their own product into the mix. If anything, the market has somewhat stagnated with thousands of operators offering similar games and promotions. But it’s all well and good to have a vision for your site—but how do you actually create your own online bookmaker? What are the steps?

Let’s find out.

Legal compliance 

Unfortunately, you’ll need to start with the boring stuff. You’ll want to start by thinking about what licenses you’re going to need from the UKGC. There are two primary forms of regulatory license: the operating license for running the service, whether or not you’ll be operating from the UK. You’ll need a remote operating license if you are running from outside the UK.

You’ll then need different licenses for different services. So, it depends what kind of betting you are going to be offering. There are separate licenses needed for betting, casinos, bingo, dand other types of games. 

So, your two most important questions are going to be what kind of service you are wanting to offer, and where you are planning to operate from. The legal issues are really where you need to start, as you will quickly receive hefty fines and other potential penalties. 

Now, let’s move on to the more exciting parts.

Building a site 

Once you’re in compliance with the law, you can start thinking about building a site. Despite what you might think, it’s much easier than ever to build a website. You don’t need extensive IT or technical training, and modern tools make it easier than ever to make a site the way you want it.

This is the time to think about your branding. Customers are looking out for branding, and they will weigh this aspect of a site in making a decision about where to bet. The biggest names in betting have instantly recognizable brands and marketing. You’ll want to think about how your branding can compete with the other 2,400 operators (and rising as seen at running betting services in the UK.

A quality, smooth running site is essential to getting any business. The standards are very high today, since so many operators are providing such robust services. You want responsive, quick and easy to navigate interfaces. 

But you also want to make sure that the site makes it easy for you to keep track of your business and figures. Really important in that is software choice.

Choosing software

There are many different kinds of betting software offered by dedicated bookmaker software companies, so choosing the right one for you is another important step in building your own online bookmaker. This will depend on what kind of betting you’re offering. Some software will be best for live games, mobile games, and games involving multiple people—like live sportsbook betting.

Software like Microgaming or NetEnt are among the most popular and widely used, and they are really important for both providing a smooth experience for customers and managing your own side of the business. 

It’s generally best to go with a trusted provider in this matter.

Bringing in customers 

Finally, you’ve got your site set up, so how are you going to start bringing in the customers? You need a lot of players to make a good profit in a betting venture, since their losses are your profit. An understanding of search engine optimization is absolutely vital, otherwise you should certainly employ someone to be in charge of that.

The gambling market, as I mentioned, is full to the brim when it comes to competition—the best way for you to cut through that is with solid online marketing and robust SEO. 

So, the steps needed to legal offer betting services in the UK are reasonably robust, and it’s easy to understand why. Betting is a rather sensitive industry, and there are a lot of issues that can arise out of a poorly regulated betting market. But that shouldn’t discourage you. Take some time to ensure you’re fully complying with the law, then you can really have some fun building an attractive site for your potential customers.