Three must-have additions to your fantasy football team to stage a last-gasp title charge

5:00pm Jan 19 2022

January is normally the time when punters that are some way off the pace in their respective fantasy football leagues decide to pack it in. Indeed, all those transfers you once worried about using up too quickly will remain in abundance as the season peters out with you no longer logging in daily to check your team and plot for the upcoming weekend. The pain of being beaten by friends and family is all too much to take, so you throw the towel in and write the campaign off before starting up again next August.

If this is you, then stop and read this article. With more than a third of the season to go you still have time to haul in your nearest and dearest, colleagues or even complete strangers. With these three simple additions, you can make a legitimate last-gasp title charge. First off, get Kevin De Bruyne back in your team. Simply put, the Belgian midfielder maestro is the reason that City are the favourites in the recent Champions League odds from Betfair to win the competition and you can’t afford to be without him during the run-in.

Indeed, the latest Champions League tips make mention of De Bruyne’s return to form after an indifferent first half of the campaign and argue that it could be the spark City need to win the trophy that continues to elude them.

Of course, there is every chance that you had him in your team before removing him in disgust at his below-par performances but you only need to look at his stunning match-winning goal against Chelsea to understand that the 30-year-old is back.

The strategy behind this is that most of those people you are playing against won’t return De Bruyne to their staying line up right away, well, we’re here to tell you that he will deliver immediately over the next few weeks so strike whilst the iron is hot and steal a march on your competitors by selecting him.

Next up, Phil Coutinho for similar reasons. The 29-year-old Brazilian arrived back in the Premier League from Barcelona and it’s fair to say that pundits and fans alike poked a lot of fun at him after an underwhelming time in La Liga. As it turned out, Aston Villa’s new midfielder would have the last laugh after a goal and an assist in his second coming during a 2-2 draw with Manchester United. Once again, there will be those wanting to see a bit more from the midfield magician before putting him in, but if you’re behind the eight ball, then you need to act by taking a punt on Coutinho without further delay.

Last but not least, Jack Harrison who is fresh off a hat-trick against West Ham. The left-winger has found another gear to his game of late, having netted four times in his last two Premier League appearances. Importantly, Harrison is a favourite of Marcelo Bielsa having been with the Leeds manager throughout his entire time at Leeds, and will almost always start if he is fit. With this in mind, put Harrison into your team and watch the former Man City graduate spectacularly come of age during the second half of the season.

These three additions should give you a chance to enjoy a bump in points over the next few weeks and also help slowly claw your way back into the reckoning for fantasy football glory.