Tips and tricks that need to be followed when building your fantasy football team ahead of the 2021 NFL season

10:15am Jul 15 2020

Fantasy sports leagues, alongside betting on the action, is one of the most popular ways that fans can get involved in the action as much as possible. Whether it be the NFL, NBA, NHL or Soccer, fantasy sports leagues help players to compete against one another to earn bragging rights about being the best.

Whether it be as a group of friends, battling against family members or going up against others in the country or across the globe in an effort to win the top prize on offer, fans will always be looking to come out on top. Therefore, it is essential that a strategy is developed and followed.

So, what are the tips and tricks that need to be followed when building your fantasy football team ahead of the 2021 NFL season? Here are just a few that should be followed that can help you to build a stacked roster in each and every single position.

Draft a running back early

It is important to try and draft a running back early and the first pick should be used to achieve this aim. The running back has the ability to earn players the most points as many offenses look to use the run-game.

With not many top-quality players available each year, men like Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara and Christian McCaffrey are not going to be available for too long.

Don’t pick a quarterback until the fifth round

The quarterback position might be the most important position in a franchise in the actual game, however this is a position that can be left alone for a while in the fantasy version of the sport.

Positions such as the running backs and wide receivers should be filled up first, as these are the bigger point scorers, whilst you can still grab a rather solid quarterback a little later once you have the weapons needed.

Either draft a top defense or don’t pick one at all

Get the best defense, or don’t bother with one at all. If you have a great attacking arsenal already, as well as being able to pick up a solid quarterback in the middle of the draft process, then you can consider taking a top defense.

However, if one does not exist as they have already been taken, then pluck for a third or fourth running back or wide receiver instead.

Don’t pick a top tight end

Using high draft choices in the fantasy draft on men in the tight end position is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Not only are tight ends prone to injury due to occasional blocking responsibilities, but the best player in that position rarely produces the same level as third- or fourth-tier catchers and defenders.

You would be better off finding players that have not been picked up in more productive areas of the field, as they might have a better chance of earning more points..

Don’t worry about bye weeks

The bye week can be a nightmare, especially if all your players are on the same bye, however it does not make that much of a difference throughout the whole fantasy leagues.

If you have the best roster available to you, it should not matter when the bye weeks occur as you should have already compensated for it with the top-quality selections that you have already made.