Top 10 Facts About Euro 2020 (2021)

11:02am Jun 8 2021

In football, there are several tournaments that every fan loves and appreciates.

There’s the World Cup, Copa America, the Champions League, and – of course – Europe’s favorite, the UEFA European Championship.

Every Euro tournament brings something special, whether it’s the country hosting the event, or the emergence of a super star player. For example, Euro 2008 is fondly remembered for the amazing atmosphere and stadiums provided by Austria and Switzerland, and Euro 2016 was dominated by standout performances from Antoine Griezmann.  

Euro 2020, taking place this summer (2021), is going to be one of the best Euros of all time – so, you need to be prepared for it.

Here are the top 10 facts about this upcoming European tournament.

1. There will be 51 matches in total

Euro 2020 will see 51 matches played in total across 31 days of competition. That’s a lot of football to watch, and due to time-zone differences, you will likely have to set early alarms and stay up late to catch all of them! Here is the il calendario completo degli Europei.

2. 11 countries will host the competition

For the first time ever, more than two countries will host this sacred European competition.

Euro 2020 will have a staggering 11 host countries (one city per country), including Russia, Germany, England, and Italy.

3. 24 countries will be playing

Keeping with tradition, 24 European countries will be competing in Euro 2020.

4. Fans will be allowed to attend games

Great news: fans will be allowed to attend the games across all 11 countries. Of course, stadiums will not be full capacity – but there is an aim for each game to have a minimum 25% capacity.

5. This will be the 16th European Championship

Euro 2020 will be the 16th incarnation of this legendary tournament – and it will be most likely be the best one yet.

6. VAR will be used by referees

The controversial VAR system will indeed be used in Euro 2020, which is guaranteed to divide the opinions of players, managers, and the fans.

However, you can’t deny that VAR certainly makes games more entertaining!

7. Portugal is aiming to be the 2nd team in history to win back-to-back Euro Championships

Portugal won Euro 2016, and have built an even stronger team than they had five years ago to try and win it again in 2021. If they are successful in their quest to win back-to-back European Championships, they will be the only team to achieve this outside of Spain, who won it in 2008 and then again in 2012.

8. Speaking of Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo will be at Euro 2020

The legendary Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing in potentially his last European Championship, so savor every moment!

9. This will be the 60th anniversary of the Euros

It’s been a staggering 60 years since this competition first began – can you believe it? Because of this iconic landmark, the decision was made to host Euro 2020 across 11 different cities. It’s certainly going to be one for the history books.

10. Some of the world’s best stadiums will be used

Football fans love nothing more than an amazing, high-attendance stadium – as they help to create an electric atmosphere for the players and fans.

Euro 2020 will be using the best stadiums from around the world, including the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam (Holland) and the Olympic Stadium in Baku (Azerbaijan). For the lucky fans who manage to get tickets and travel to the stadiums, they’re in for a luxurious treat that will make fans watching from their homes envious.