Fantasy Premier League Tips - Top 5 most transferred IN players for Gameweek 4

4:45pm Sep 8 2017

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It’s Liverpool players which dominate the FPL transfer market ahead of their clash with Manchester City

@FFPundits_Dale has reviewed the Fantasy Premier League transfer market ahead of Gameweek 4, as part of a new weekly article which will go to air each Friday.

The top 5 most popular transfers each week will be presented in the picture gallery below, with further thoughts and opinion given thereafter.

With many of you activating your wildcards and tinkering with teams up until Saturday’s 11:30am deadline, the numbers are likely to rapidly change, so all numbers quoted are correct as of Friday afternoon when published.

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Liverpool attacking players are some of the most transferred in players ahead of Gameweek 4.

Roberto Firmino has scored 2 goals, 2 assists and bagged 3 bonus points already this season – this has led to flurry of transfer activity amongst the FPL community, where 27% of managers who transferred Kane OUT, did so for the £8.6m Liverpool striker.

Kevin De Bruyne is now the most transferred out player ahead of Gameweek 4, as Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mohamed Salah both prove to be popular exchanges for the Belgian.

With De Bruyne confirming whilst on international duty that he’s operating as a defensive midfielder under Pep, FPL bosses have ditched the £9.9m midfielder in their droves in search of better alternatives.

Alvaro Morata is settling in well at Stamford Bridge and is enjoying life as Chelsea’s number 9, scoring in 2 of their opening 3 Premier League fixtures.

With Leicester City up next for the champions, Morata will be given the task of unlocking the Foxes defence – however, having conceded 6 goals in just 3 games, it’s clear to see why so many FPL bosses have transferred him in.

Conceding just 1 goal in 3 games so far this season, Tony Pulis has a big decision on his hands as Gareth McAuley looks set to be available for selection.

With Dawson expected to occupy the right-back position, it’s between Evans, McAuley and Hegazi for the two central slots.

Scoring the winning goal in Gameweek 1 vs Bournemouth and keeping two clean sheets, Hegazi has rapidly risen from £4.5m to £4.9 and is the most transferred in defender for Gameweek 4.

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