Two Rotating Goalkeepers on FPL, Or One Set & Forget?

6:45pm Aug 27 2020

Will Fantasy Premier League managers favour a premium set-and-forget goalkeeper, or opt for a cheaper pairing.

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Many things in life are a guaranteed certainty – and one of those is an army of FPL managers choosing a 4.0M Goalkeeper to warm their benches for 38 long Gameweeks.

Sure, this philosophy brings extra cash to spread across your remaining 14 players, but does this put too much responsibility on your No.1?

An unforeseen injury, an unprecedented lack of form, or an unfortunate run of fixtures against the Premier League’s big boys.

I am hope to inspire other Fantasy Premier League managers to goalkeeping success and to view the benefit of a double-keeper combo, as a must.

A back-up plan when facing any of the above dilemmas we as FPL bosses face at some stage in every season.

The notion of two being better than one, although not specifically two heads, was expressed in the Bible; for example, this chapter from Ecclesiastes, 4:9, in Miles Coverdale’s Bible, 1535:

“Therfore two are better then one, for they maye well enioye the profit of their laboure.”

The same could be said for the combination of two budget priced goalkeepers within your 15 man squad.

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Going heavy in the midfield seems to be the favourable tactic ahead of the FPL 2020/21 season.

With attractive position changes from FWD to MID for standout performers from last season; Aubameyang (12M), Rashford (9,5M) and Greenwood (7.5M), coupled with the hard to ignore formidables; De Bruyne (11.5M), Salah (12M), Mané (12M) and Sterling (11,5M) – It’s hard to disagree.

Fernandes (10.5M), Pulisic (8.5M), Son (9M) and new man Ziyech (8M) – the list of premium midfield picks could go on…

It’s fair to say once you’re done tinkering in midfield, you may have spent nearly half of your £100m budget, and then some.

It’s undeniable most FPL managers will add Alexander-Arnold to their arsenal. And everybody needs one or two hit-men upfront.

This leaves the Goalkeeper as a position where going heavy is hard to justify. How about a £4.5m twosome?

McCarthy, Ryan and Heaton are the sole survivors from last season in the £4.5m bracket – in terms of first-choice No.1 goalkeepers.

Ryan outscored golden glove winner, Ederson, last season, with a healthy 135 points (35 less than top-scoring Pope). He kept 9 clean sheets and made 117 saves (3rd most in 2019/20).

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McCarthy and Heaton both featured much less than other goalkeeping household names.

Southampton, revitalised since the turn of the year; and with Heaton expected to return to the fold soon, both are almost certain to add to the 104 and 59 points totals they collected last season respectively.

If you do choose to budget and go with a £4.5m + £4.0m combination, what will you do when your starting ‘keeper faces Liverpool or Manchester City?

What will you do when your GK gets injured? Super-sub Button to “save” the day – I don’t think so.

When you have two goalkeepers and you know one faces a difficult opponent, it is useful to have another who you can call upon without using a free transfer, or taking a hit (be it conceding a few, or taking a -4 transfer hit).

Promoted goalkeepers in the £4.5m category include Meslier, Johnstone and Rodák.

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Rodák, earned the highest CS% in the league (for over 10 apps) at 42.4%, while Meslier amassed a CS% of a whopping 70%, with 7 clean sheets from the 10 games he featured in towards the end of a successful season for Leeds United.

Johnstone is firmly West Bromwich Albion’s No.1, playing in the entirety of The Baggies’ promotion campaign.

No senior Goalkeeper is currently contracted and with 14 clean sheets and 1 penalty-kick saved during 2019/20, he makes for a promising pick.

Owning Button or Martin will almost certainly lose you the all important market value you may need when deliberating over crucial transfers elsewhere in your team. And most importantly, they won’t play.

My advice is cumulative of the following; pick two budget goalkeepers who play regularly, keep clean sheet potential in mind when making your decision, find the problematic fixtures and be mindful of which ‘keeper you plan to face who.

Do also bear in mind ‘keepers you trust will make a number of point scoring saves.

There’s many factors. Some which contradict others. It’s important to go with your gut feeling, but it’s worth weighing up whether it is too bold to entrust one GK to sit on the podium, where you could have a second-in-command to assist for maximum balance.

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