Who Will Win the English Premier League?

1:16pm Dec 21 2021

England is the birthplace of association football, and home to the most followed national league in the world, the Premier League. It is always on the top of the football news, and the participating teams have fan bases all over the globe constantly speculating on the chances of their favourite teams to win the tournament.

The first time the press and the fans started evaluating the chances of each team winning the English Premier League was in august, right before the beginning of the season. Now, the year is coming to an end – it’s time to look at the chances of the teams to win the EPL once again.

Manchester City

Manchester City was one of the favourites from the very beginning – they have just won the last season, and most specialists considered at the time that their chances of retaining their title were the best.

This didn’t change at all to this day, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the team’s performance in the Premier League so far: Man City won 13 of its 17 matches, finished two of them with a draw, and only lost two, scoring 40 times in the process and only conceding 9. This puts it one point ahead of the second-placed Liverpool (which, in turn, is better when it comes to goal difference).

If Man City can continue in a similar manner next year, it has the best odds to stay in the lead until the end of the season and retain its title in 2021-2022.

Liverpool FC

Liverpool is having a great run in the Premier League once again. It is second only to Man City in the standings with 12 matches won, four draws, and just one loss under its belt. The team scored 48 goals in the Premier League so far and conceded 13 – it stands better than Man City when it comes to goal difference, so it can give the Citizens a run for their money.

Liverpool has a great squad this season – three of the Premier League’s top 10 goalscorers so far play with the Reds. Mohamed Salah stands out with 15 goals scored and 9 assists provided in his games, followed by Diogo Jota with 9 goals, and Sadio Mané with 7.

Liverpool is rumoured to add a few high-profile players to its roster in the January transfer window, including Portuguese wunderkind Joao Felix and Bundesliga sweetheart Erling Haaland. This will certainly improve the Reds’ chances to win the title this year.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea did pretty well in the Premier League so far but not as good as the teams above. It did win 11 of its 17 matches so far, losing two and finishing two in a draw but it’s still four points behind Man City and has nowhere near as many goals as its main rivals. At this point, a top-four finish is pretty much guaranteed for the team but that’s about it.

Things might improve for the Blues after the January transfer window – the team is said to have its eyes on striker Lautaro Martinez (to partner with Lukaku) and on recalling Armando Broja from its loan at Southampton to complete its attack.

While it’s still a bit early to speculate on the winner of the Premier League, the chances are starting to show – but let’s not forget that there are still plenty of matches to play until then.