Why do people switch betting site?

3:37pm Oct 12 2022

If there’s one thing that it’s easy to say about betting sites these days, it’s that there are more options than most of us know what to do with. Irish bookmakers have launched a huge amount of new platforms, as seen by the number of sites at Betfree. Currently, the UK Gambling Commission has issued licenses to around 2,600 operators for countless more games and sites. This is more than any one person could realistically use. With this much choice, then, what are the main driving motivations for changing betting site? There are many factors to consider, so let’s look into a few of the main reasons people switch betting sites.

Let’s get started. 




Undoubtedly, one of the biggest factors in deciding to move to a new betting site is that the new site offers more favourable odds. Generally, the biggest sites are roughly comparable with one another. The odds they offer, broadly speaking, are going to be the same. But with this in mind, they only need to offer slightly better odds on one or two markets to attract that niche to their platform. 

The savviest bettors spend a good deal of time comparing odds on a regular basis, and this very often drives them to switch to a site with more favourable odds. If you have a better chance of winning more money on one site than another, then it’s really a no-brainer. 

Football, for example, is one of the biggest sports betting markets in the UK, with around 40% of all sports betting going on football. If one operator can offer slightly improved odds, they can bring a potentially huge new player base to their platform from competitors. 




With competition so rife in the world of online betting, one of the main ways that operators compete with each other is by offering lucrative bonuses like these. These take a number of forms, but the biggest are the welcome offers which are one-time promotions for signing up to the site. For example, you might get £50 worth of free bets to make on your first deposit of £10. You can also get huge deposit bonuses of up to 200%. 

Clearly, these are a huge pull for new customers. Free money is always a good incentive, and it’s one of the biggest reasons people switch betting sites. There may be nothing wrong with the site you’re using, it’s just that a new and attractive welcome offer has popped up elsewhere. 

As I said, given the huge competition between operators, these bonuses will only get better and better. This will drive constant and habitual switching from the savviest bettors. 




The other thing about the amount of betting sites available today is that operators must have a smoothly running site if they want to compete. Bettors will not put up with freezing, crashing, slow loading of games or any other basic lack of functionality because they can just go elsewhere. 

Often, apps and sites carry out huge overhauls of their platforms, and these don’t always run the way they would like. When a site that once worked well is not properly updated, this can drive huge migrations of players to other platforms. 

The biggest operators spend a lot on ensuring that their games and sites run as well as possible. So, again, there is no reason for players to put up with shoddy and poorly run sites as they can very easily move elsewhere. 

Games available



Finally, one of the other primary ways in which operators handle the increasing competition is to innovate in the games and markets they offer. The biggest markets for betting are things like football, with just over a quarter of UK adults that follow football placing a bet on the game in the last 12 months. But more and more operators must look to niche markets and new games to attract new customers. 

Whether its innovations on existing games or entirely new ways to bet, from bingo, to slots, to even virtual horse racing, bettors have more choice than ever now in terms of what they can bet on. if the site they are using seems to be stagnating in terms of the ways they offer to bet, then switching is an easy way to revitalise their betting game.  

Usually, then, it’s something as simple as what they want to bet with, or wanting to get the best bang for their money. Betting sites are so competitive nowadays that the operators have to do everything they can to attract the customers to them and away from their competition. Because of this, there are countless incentives for bettors to move from one site to another. Whether it’s better odds, a more attractive bonus or welcome offer, or just a new game they want to try, there are many things a site can do to attract customers.