Why People can't get enough of Fantasy Football in 2021

9:31am Jun 17 2021

Although the game of Fantasy Football has been around for many years, with the concept originating from American Football, interest in playing has reached high levels because of the influence of the English Premier League. It’s not hard to find a bar or casino that is showing live games anywhere in the world. Teams such as Manchester United and Liverpool have attractive styles of playing football, resulting in many hardcore fans far outside the confines of England.

These fans are keen to know everything about their chosen team. It can be a great source of pride to people that they know more about their team than any of their friends. Bragging rights are assured and in some cases, victories in arguments are remembered well into the future. Unlike at an online casino where you can enjoy trying your luck with quick games of live blackjack, fantasy football can test your knowledge and is a good challenge to enjoy over the course of the season.

Ensuring You don’t get Bored

Groans were heard around the world last year as the Premier League was postponed for a few months due to the spread of Covid-19. Continuing on into this year as well, the Pandemic has affected many people and also events across the sporting world. Apart from fans being forbidden to attend games in the majority of this season so far, the Premier League match schedule has pretty much gone ahead as planned. People that had jobs previously or indeed outdoor hobbies found themselves on the edge as restrictions hindered their ability to do much.

If you are a football fan and the games are being televised anyway, this is a good hobby to get involved in if you are confined to your own home. You can watch the matches or check the results and hopefully pick up some points due to the players you have picked performing well. The satisfaction of combining your knowledge, favorite sport, and a new or possibly old hobby is just too good an opportunity to pass by.

Social Media

The world was completely changed forever by the invention of the internet. As well as becoming host to world-acclaimed and recognized new sites, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram gave the common person a stage to have discussions or voice their opinions on subjects, of course, one of the most popular topics proving to be sports. Cue worldwide arguments and debates on every aspect of football. Battles commenced as everyone had something to say.

Forums and tipping sites were created. Stepping outside the spectrum of gambling tips for football matches, people began to post tips about fantasy football. Which players to stick with or which players to remove became an interesting chat that took in all players of this marvelous game. News on the form of players, possible injuries, or omissions from the squad on matchday all helped competitors of this tournament in their team selection choices. The inclusion of the wrong player could have repercussions on your score. 

Alternative to gambling

A lot of people see this as a more reasonable way to get involved in the sport of football other than actual gambling. While the rise of online casinos continues unabated, there are concerns about the number of people with just too much time on their hands. Online betting sites have a wide range of football markets and a casino welcome bonus that can entice people in very easily. Accessing and joining any of these sites is quite straightforward and the ease of depositing means people can often lose track of how much they are spending.

Nobody wants a hobby or a sport that we love to become an issue to any of us, our friends or family. The quest for winning money from football has left many knowledgeable punters broke. Factors of luck and unfortunate events on the pitch don’t always mean that the best team wins. Big shocks are known to happen. So, while sticking to fantasy football won’t necessarily make you rich, it certainly shouldn’t add to your stress levels too much. Football should be about enjoyment and cheering on your players should be enough.

Are there prizes to be had?

You can take part in organized competitions online or even arrange them amongst a group of friends. It’s also possible to take part in both if you wish the challenge of taking on people you don’t know, but also fancy the banter with your real-life buddies. Some competitions are free to enter, whereas some charge a fee to participate. It’s worth looking into the rules of the game you’re interested in joining to see if it’s the right one for you.

Prizes can vary with many being judged on the final results of the leaderboard taking in the entire season. Others have been known to give monthly prizes or in some cases weekly prizes. This can be seen as very rewarding as any player can have a good score in a week. While they may be lagging behind in total points accumulated, it keeps them positive and interested. Who knows, just like the Premier League, one successful weekend could be the start of a relentless march right to the top. 


All in all, playing fantasy football is an all-around entertaining hobby. While some may claim it is addictive, you are certainly not in as much danger as betting at an online casino at football. Making your own selections of players means there is no one you can grumble at, only yourself! It is a fine way to pass the time if you love football and are stuck at home. You may even get some prizes to reward your skill at the game.

Being involved in this game can also combat any feelings of loneliness or the absence of social life through these trying times. Negative outlooks that people are experiencing can be changed by simply joining this game and opening the door to communication with other players from varying locations and walks of life. Sometimes it is good to talk to take your mind off things and who knows, you may make some new friends that you could meet in the future.