Why should you Gamble on Premier League Football Teams?

3:59pm Mar 4 2021

The English Premier League is arguably the best and the most popular football league on the planet. Players from countries all over the world dream of playing in this incredible league. The Premier League boasts some of the top teams, managers, and players on show week in week out. 

The football is known for its high intensity and tough tackling. It boasts some of the world’s most skillful and creative players. Manchester United’s talisman Bruno Fernandez and Manchester City’s midfield superstar Kevin De Bruyne are two of the best footballers the Premier League has on display each week. 

The League is Unpredictable

Due to the high television fees, clubs that finish at the bottom half of the table are awarded huge sums of money. The same amount of money is not delegated to teams in other countries like Spain, Germany or Italy. This is why the Premier League clubs tend to spend a lot more money than other clubs outside of England. This allows the league’s smaller clubs to retain big-name players. Because of this, smaller clubs often compete with the bigger teams which make each game very difficult to predict. This also makes gambling on the Premier League one of the most exciting ways to put a wager down. It can really be an exciting journey. 

Top-flight English football is so unpredictable that one of the biggest surprises in sporting history saw Leicester City winning the Premier League in the 2015-16 season. Bookies were so sure the English club had no chance they had given punters odds of 5000/1. When they were crowned champions the sporting world was in shock. Although the club didn’t retain possession well in the majority of their games, their counter-attacking style was devastating, and very few clubs managed to handle their pace and strike force. The previous season they had narrowly missed out on relegation, so winning the following season is still hard for most to comprehend. 

Something to do During the Pandemic

Many of us have felt bored during the pandemic. Because experts have advised us to stay indoors to help reduce the spread of Covid-19, instead of going out socializing many of us have found it hard to get excited. 

Premier League players are in a bubble, which allows them to train and play football during the pandemic. They have constant Covid-19 checks to see if any player has contracted the virus, and they have to follow strict regulations and rules to help reduce their chances of getting infected. For the majority of the season, and the latter part of last season, fans have not been allowed access to the games. It’s not the same without having stadiums packed with supporters, but it is better than nothing. It gives the average sports fan something to look forward to during the weekend or can help break up the week if there are midweek games televised. 

To make the games even more exciting many punters like to put some money on the games. Betting on the Premier League is popular all around the globe, and people who gamble on English football know they are in for a ride. 

Bet on Premier League Teams on Fifa 2021

Fifa 2021 is one of the most popular sports games on the planet because:

  • Incredible graphics: The game developers, Electronic Arts, implement realistic graphics that makes the players, stadiums, and fans look like the real deal. 
  • The gameplay is fast: The latest version of Fifa has improved its passing, dribbling, and shooting which helps improve the gameplay.
  • Free to download: You can download a trial version of Fifa 2021. This allows potential customers to play the game before they spend money on the full version. 
  • Play online: You can play with people from all over the world. You can create your own leagues and teams online also.

Playing Fifa is great fun, but you can also watch some of the best Fifa players in the world on streaming platforms and websites. If you are confident with your own ability or perhaps you want to bet on the outcome of a game played by others, you can watch live games and gamble online with Vamos GG

Fifa has the license for all the Premier League clubs. This means they can display genuine jerseys, players’ names, and stadiums. 

Exciting Players and Managers

The Premier League has some of the world’s most exciting players and managers. Although the two best players on the planet, Messi, and Ronaldo, play in Spain and Italy, both are heavily rumored to come to the league. Ronaldo spent five successful years at Old Trafford and is rumored to make a return and Messi has been linked to joining Manchester City, who is managed by his old boss Pep Guardiola. 

Gambling on which club is going to sign which player during the transfer windows is another very popular method of gambling. Trying to keep up with all the reports and listening to nonstop rumors can help you predict who is going to what club. 

Not every player will succeed in the Premier League. Unlike other leagues, players don’t get much time on the ball. Expect defenders not to hold back when it comes to tackling either. Some players find it difficult to adjust while others thrive in these conditions. It’s always a concern for a manager when they spend money on bringing a new player to the club whether or not they will be able to adapt to English football. 

The Premier League attracts the world’s best and most successful managers in the world. Klopp at Liverpool, Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, and Jose Mourinho at Spurs are three of the biggest managers in the world. Even smaller clubs like Everton were able to bring Carlo Ancelotti to Goodison Park. This shows the pull the Premier League has on big names. 


Although gambling on Premier League games is good fun, you have to be aware that gambling is dangerous and can lead to addiction. Always remember to gamble reasonably. 

There are lots of different ways that you can gamble on Premier League clubs or example:

  • Outright winner: Pick whatever team you feel is going to win the game.
  • Top 4: Each team that gets in the top four will be given access to the Champions League. It’s every top player’s dream to take part in the Champions League, so the battle for the top four places is often very exciting.
  • Which teams are going to get relegated: The relegation battle is often just as exciting as the race for the title. The bottom three teams drop into the lower league. It is every team’s nightmare to be involved in a relegation battle, but for the neutral or punter, it can be highly entertaining. 
  • Top goalscorer: Another popular betting option is to predict who you feel is going to score the most Premier League goals in a season. 

There are plenty of more options as it seems that you can bet on pretty much anything when it comes to Premier League gambling. You can bet on how many corners, yellow and red cards, will be submitted next, the list goes on.