Why Vardy is Still a Top Fantasy Football Pick

10:33am Dec 29 2020

The Jamie Vardy story is one, which eventually, will be known around the world.

The striker is soon to be the subject of a film and started out by being bombed out of youth football at a young age. He turned to non-league, seemingly dropping out of the professional game for good, and at one stage even played with an electronic tag after a nightclub brawl.

He fought back, climbed the divisions with Halifax and Fleetwood Town, eventually lifting the Premier League title with Leicester City. Gala Bingo rank Leicester City’s Premier League victory as one of the top winning moments of 2016 – a David and Goliath triumph that made superstars out of the Midlands team’s players, including Vardy, who epitomised that image as much as anyone.

He was the David, the everyday bloke turned superstar with the world’s most prestigious domestic trophy in his hands.

Many of the players moved on – Riyad Mahrez joined Man City and N’Golo Kante moved to Chelsea, but Vardy stayed put. The Sheffield-born forward is 33 years old now and yet he is still right at the top of his game and despite his advancing age, he is still a solid pick for your fantasy teams. Why though?

Why is a former Fleetwood and Halifax striker more attractive for you than a multi-million-pound player such as Timo Werner?

Firstly, consistency. Few top-flight strikers are on form every season, but Vardy is as consistent as ever. Heading into the Christmas period, he has 10 Premier League goals from 11 matches and is still a popular pick for fantasy teams. We recommended picking Vardy as your captain in game week 12 because when he comes up against certain teams, he is a shoo-in for a goal.

Even at 33, he has not lost that blistering pace which set him apart from his contemporaries when he bagged 34 goals in 42 games for Fleetwood back in 2011/12, or 24 in 38 during the title-winning season.

With Vardy, it is all well and good opponents knowing his strengths, but you have to combat them and that is not quite as easy. Whilst he is as quick as ever, he will score goals because he is also a natural finisher. He knows where the goal is and given two chances, he is almost guaranteed to score one.

Then there is Leicester City as a team. To be successful in a fantasy squad, a player needs to be at a decent side, in most cases. Leicester are playing well; they look like genuine contenders for Europe once again and they create lots of chances for Vardy when he is on the field. They play to his strengths and with that correlation between player and team, he is likely to remain amongst the points.

There is his longevity too. In his seven Premier League seasons, he has never missed more than four matches in a season. Another key to being a strong fantasy pick is having a player you know is unlikely to get sent off or injured, and Vardy has proven to be that player time and again. He has been dismissed for Leicester in the Premier League, three times, but over a 259-appearance career with the Foxes, that is not a bad ratio.

Finally, Vardy is still the number one striker at the King Power Stadium. There is no expensive signing waiting to usurp him, no plan to phase him out over the course of six months, or even 12. He is still the main man there, a Leicester legend and whilst the goals keep flowing, there is every reason for you to have him as your fantasy team’s striker.